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Hive Assembly!  10-2:30 at Ag Hall  Assemble at Ag Hall and use the hive-building tools to assemble your hive. It's time to get your honey supers on!

Also, if you've noticed small hive beetles or are concerned about robbing, I'll try to have supplies and materials for assembling homemade robber screens.


Tour de Hives!  Click here to visit Boston Area Beekeepers Assn.'s A quick mason bee nest-building workshop.  Stop by and build a beehouse with local materials and found objects.  Mason bees are all around -- all they need is a proper home.  And now's when they're starting to look.  The real estate market for mason bee nests is about to be super-hot! 


The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!  Stop by Ag Hall on Friday to welcome 100,000 new arrivals to Massachusetts; Russian honeybees.  Bill and other beekeepers will be on hand to distribute the packages to their new adopting homes, and to answer any questions you may have. 


Honey Sunday!  An Ag Hall customer is extracting their honey Sunday.  Come by for a look (and taste, maybe?).  Call for times.

Agricultural Hall?

In 1818, the Massachusetts Society for the Promotion of Agriculture built the original Agricultural Hall on Dighton Street in Brighton.  It served as the hub of the Brighton Fair and Cattle Show, one of the earliest and largest such fairs in the country.  In 1829, "a 17-pound turnip, a 19-pound radish, and a bough on which pears hung like a cluster of grapes were among the outstanding exhibits of that year."  In 1844 the building was moved to its present location at the corner of Chestnut Hill Avenue and Washington Street.

Dr. William P. Marchione & 

The Bostonian Society

Brighton Allston Historical Society

Agricultural Hall

245 Amory Street

Jamaica Plain, MA  02130

617-388-7378  /  e-mail Ag Hall

Sat.&Sun., 10:00am-2:30pm & by appt.


Supplies, tools, and know-how; AH is your resource center for almost every need and question.



Feed, bedding, feeders and more.  Keep your girls happy and healthy.  Find your supplies and answers here.



Seeds, saltmarsh hay & straw, fertilizer, tools & more. It's here, it's local, it's often in bulk, & it's affordable.


Maple Sugaring

Welcome spring with a warm & delicious tradition. We have everything but the trees. 



Start with a family-friendly kit, then graduate to more challenging species.   Enjoy a delicious year-round harvest.


Cheese & Canning

AH carries some supplies, a few ingredients, & big plans for both.


Sunday, June 7th, is the riding of the annual

Tour de Hives!

Riders bike from one awesome apiary to another, watch (and help?) extract honey, and lunch at a colonial farm in the heart of Jamaica Plain.  Unfortunately, tickets are 


...but if you hang out at Ag Hall, the Boston Nature Center, Allandale Farm, or several other sites along the route, you can get a taste of what happens during a ride.  Then you'll be all psyched to register early next year! 

For more information visit


Agricultural Hall in a nutshell...

Agricultural Hall is Boston's urban grange; a store, a resource center, and a hangout for urban aggie-types (agri-nerds?) to share their agriculture-related experiences, explore new ideas, and just "shoot the breeze."  

From the store at 245 Amory Street we sell a wide range of urban agriculture supplies, primarily beekeeping equipment and chicken husbandry supplies, but also solid, practical, and inspiring goods and tools.  Our tendencies are: 

  • To carry organic, recycled, readily recyclable, handmade, and/or locally made products;
  • To sell in bulk when possible, thereby helping you keep your costs and packaging footprint to a minimum;
  • To only carry well-made, durable products that you will cherish and use for a lifetime; and
  • To be a resource/referral center for anyone looking for answers to agriculture-related questions.

Agricultural Hall also organizes classes in all manner of urban agriculture.  Schedules and sign-up instructions can be found at our Workshops page.  Whether a novice beekeeper, a weathered gardener, or a hard-core canner, you will find new and interesting topics to explore among Agricultural Hall's workshops.